Who We Are

Consultations vary, and are based on the individual’s needs. Medical conditions and the specific goals will determine the frequency and duration of each session.

Clients often ask what the consultation includes, which is hard to say, since it really depends on what you came to seek our advice for. Your medical condition, goals and needs will determine how much we get done in our first session as well as how many (sessions) we will need.

Generally your 1st consultation will cover the following:

  • Medical and dietary history
  • Food Preferences and your current eating pattern
  • Medication and supplements
  • Clinical Body composition
  • Setting goals (a certain weight/BMI/reducing cholesterol/blood glucose levels)
  • Discussing approach, recommendations and requesting blood/genetic or other tests as indicated
Process Puzzle

Depending on whether we have all the information needed to make a diagnosis and advise you appropriately, your first session may or may not include your meal plan. If tests were requested, we await the results and arrange another consultation to discuss the results. The discussion is a detailed explanation of how to attain your goals, with the science and physiology behind this, which we then use to compile your personalized eating, supplementation and action plan.

Your follow up consultations are initially longer and gradually become shorter, but can vary in length according to your diagnosis, needs and goals. Consultations are billed according to time spent.

Eat well to live well! Once your goals have been achieved, a maintenance plan is compiled. This plan will ensure you stay in charge of your health, weight and medical condition.