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We work with busy professionals who are struggling with weight, hormones and digestive issues to achieve vibrant health through personalized nutrition
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OUR MISSION is to help you achieve HOLISTIC HEALTH through an intricate balance of nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle change.

OUR VISION is to assist you in creating the habits necessary to become the healthiest version of you. Food is information and when built into a healthy, balanced lifestyle can assist you in living your best life.

Who We Are
  • I am filled with immense gratitude for Consultant Dieticians…words alone cannot express how thankful I am. 
    My initial consultation with Dalene in February 2014 birthed a wonderful miracle, in 5 months I lost 11kgs of fat by following Dalene’s guidance on how to nourish my body based on my DNA test results. Over the years I have not gained this weight back, in fact my body fat ratio is at its best ever! I am glowing from the inside and loving the new me!! 
    Many thanks Dalene, you’re an absolute treasure!!

    Nels Muregs

  • I cannot stop smiling……this morning slogging away on the treadmill didn’t change my smile, in fact it made me more determined……I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for guiding me, motivating me and encouraging me…’s weird that I’m happy to have LOST something……..usually we all want to gain…..something!!

    Quitó Esteves

  • I cannot rate Consultant Dieticians enough. I saw Claudia at Fourways and she has literally transformed my life. I am down to my target weight having lost 7kgs and can easily maintain my eating plan and found it easy to do. Thank you very much Claudia, you are wonderful!

    Margie Gregory Millar 

  • This has been such a rewarding journey, as this DNA diet is not a fad, it really does work. And with the guidance of Dalene and her team, you will reach your goals. There is no better feeling than feeling the best version of your physical self, and thanks to Dalene I have felt that.

    Nicola Foltan

  • Claudia from Consultant Dieticians is extremely professional and helpful. She has helped me with an eating plan which has lead to an improved lifestyle and less ailments. I would definitely recommend her.

    Venisha Bachulal

  • I just want to say a BIG thank you Claudia for helping me achieve what nobody else has been able to do. You have been such a Godsend to me. I had pretty much given up. And I’m still in a bit of (happy) shock at what I have achieved in such a short space of time. When I started the eating plan you recommended a month ago, I had very low expectations of success. For 10 years I have tried nearly everything possible and I have been so stuck with my weight. During lockdown,  and in a month with you , I’ve lost 8kgs!  I have been very disciplined and have followed your advice carefully, but it’s been easy to do, as I respect your expertise, you are always incredibly professional and prepared, and the results show that you’ve given me the right formula! I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with you and once again very grateful for your support and guidance!

    Carol-Ann Milne